CarSelfi is the first amazing 360 degree safety video camera and recorder for your car that you can control from your phone.

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It's that Simple.

While you driving, shopping or eating at the restaurant - everything around your car (all 360 degrees) is recorded in beautiful HD and stored on SD card and on the cloud.

Your personal Black Box and Eyewitness is always with you

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Features. We've got what you need.

360-Degree HD

Three embedded cameras with 120 degree angle each capture everything around your car

Solar Charging

Upper dome contains high efficiency solar panels that keep cameras recording non stop

Smartphone Controled

Use your smartphone to control every single feature of CarSelfi and watch recorded videos

CarSelfi Cloud

View your real time and recorded videos and get alerts from anywhere, anytime

CarSelfi Stick

It comes with a specially designed CarSelfi Stick, so it can see better

Works at Night

It can see in the dark with build in IR lights and night vision mode for cameras

Focus on Important

Smart video analytics will alert you when something happens around your car

Made with Love

We are technology geeks, so we create our device to look beautiful and perform flawlessly

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